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Easy Payments & Funding

Explore hassle-free learning with our convenient and flexible payment & funding options, making education accessible to all at Open Learning College

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Easy Payments & Funding

01. College Payment Options

There are a number of different payment or funding options available for our online distance learning courses, depending on several factors including your age, where you live, your current qualifications and the course you are choosing to study.


We try to make this as straightforward as possible and have three main payment options available:


Full Payment

Choose the course you would like to study and go through the secure payment system to pay the total amount in full (20% discount if you pay in full for a limited time only).


You will receive your enrolment details within 24 hours so you can start your course. 


Instalment Payment

Choose the course you would like to study and go through the secure payment system to pay your first instalment before you begin your course.


This first instalment is usually 20% of the total course cost, but you are able to increase the value of the initial payment which, would then decrease the following monthly instalments (contact us, if you would like to do this). Monthly instalments will be spread over a 3 month period, where your total remainder payment (less the initial payment) will be equally split.



You will be given this option at checkout, click on the Klarna button and you will be given the option to enrol now and make no payment today but pay in 30 days, or get the same pay in full discounted price, spread over 3 months interest free.



Price Match Guarantee

When you enrol with Open Learning College we want you to know you’re getting the best course with the most comprehensive support structure at the best price.


Our Price Match Refund is your guarantee that you’re never paying too much for any of our courses.


It’s simple. We’re so confident that we’re offering you a fantastic deal; we’ll refund twice the difference if you find the exact same course on any other UK website within 7 days of your purchase.

Full details of price match can be found at our Price Match page. 


Please choose any of the following Payment Methods

  • Debit / Credit Card (inc American Express)
  • Apple Pay
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Klarna
  • Business Cheques / Bankers Draft
  • Postal Orders
  • Company Invoice
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • International Money Order or Western Union

We are also happy to Invoice companies on request.

The quickest an easiest way is to complete the Company Purchase Order Form and email this to us. 


Please Call 0844 357 7777 or email us with your requirements and we can normally email you an invoice within an hour.

We will need full details of the student upon enrolment.

Please note: Course materials are not released until payment has been made.

Bank Transfer

If you have online banking why not transfer your fees straight into our account. Our details are below:

  • Account no:  58716997  
  • Sort Code:  60-83-71
  • Account Name: Open Learning College
  • Bank:  Starling Bank
  • IBAN:  GB61SRLG60837158716997 (International Students only)
  • SWIFT: SRLGGB2L (International Students only)


Please be aware when using this method payments can take approx 2-5 working days to show in our bank. Courses are dispatched when payment reaches our account. If you want to make payment instantly please use a credit/debit card.


For some student we understand that cash is the only option for you, in these cases, please call us or email to discuss the best option to send this to us. Cash is only accepted when paying fees in full.

We can accept deposits paid in cash into our bank account.

Be advised the college will not be held responsible for any cash payments not reaching us.

Western Union

We are happy for students to pay via Western Union. 
Beneficiary Name:  Carly Starrs (Marketing Director- Open Learning College).

Please call us after you have wired the amount and let us know the MTCN Reference Number.

02. Klarna

Klarna is the smoooth and safe way to get what you love today, and pay over time.


*Klarna’s Pay in 3 / Pay in 30 days are unregulated credit agreements. Borrowing more than you can afford or paying late may negatively impact your financial status and ability to obtain credit. 18+, UK residents only. Subject to statusTs&Cs and late fees apply.


So, how does Klarna work?

Millions of savvy shoppers have already chosen Klarna when shopping at their favourite retailers.  Pay in full up to 30 days later, or split the cost into 3 interest-free monthly instalments.*


Spread the cost of your purchase into 3 interest-free instalments. The first payment is made at point of purchase, with remaining instalments scheduled automatically every 30 days.*


Make your purchase today so you can start your course without delay. Pay up to 30 days later. No interest. No fees, when you pay on time.*

Depending on the payment method or service you choose, we may perform different types of searches to check your financial standing. You can find an overview of the credit checks we run for our payment options and services and whether they impact your credit score below.

Using the below Klarna payment options will not affect your credit score. However, existing, late and unpaid balances, and payment holidays, are visible on your credit file to other lenders. Making repayments on time consistently will help build a positive history when using our payment options.

  • Choosing to ‘Pay in 3 instalments’

  • Deciding to ‘Pay in 30 days’

  • Creating a ‘One-time card’

Using Klarna might affect your credit score when:

  • Applying for one of our Financing options

If you decide to use Financing, we might perform a credit check with credit reference agencies to complete your credit assessment. This credit check will show up as an inquiry on your credit report, will be visible to other lenders and might impact your credit score.

When you choose the Financing option you will be asked to provide or confirm some details about your financial situation. We’ll use this information to decide whether we think you are able to meet your repayment obligations.

To make a purchase with Klarna you need to provide:

  • Your phone number

  • Email Address

  • Current billing address

  • A valid debit/credit card

We recommend that if you are new to Klarna and you haven’t used Klarna’s payment options before, you should have your first order delivered to your billing address (where your bank account is registered). This maximises the chances of your purchase being accepted.

All information will be sent to your email address, so it is important you provide the right contact details. If you do not receive your statements you may become liable for late payment fees.

Good to know: If you change your email address after you have placed an order, please contact Customer Service and we will help you update your information.

03. Amazon Career Choice

We believe that everyone who comes to Amazon should be able to build their career, and we are ready to support our employees wherever they are on their educational journey! Career Choice is an education benefit that empowers eligible employees to learn new skills for career success at Amazon or elsewhere.




Amazon Pays 95%

For eligible employees, Amazon will pay up to 95% of tuition and fees (up to a yearly maximum) towards a certificate or diploma in qualified fields of study, leading to in-demand jobs.


Flexible Options

Career Choice has a variety of flexible options, online or in-person, to fit your schedule.


Start Your New Career

More than 100,000 Amazonians around the globe have participated in Career Choice to pursue their career goals.


Sign into Amazon A to Z



04. Employer Funding

If your employer has a budget for training, you may be able to secure partial or full funding for a course. 


Speak to your HR department and see if they can support your enrolment. 


What are the benefits to your employer?

In addition to eager, motivated staff who are committed to on the job training and development, industry research has highlighted numerous benefits of additional qualifications for newly recruited staff and also for training your existing workforce:


  • 92% of Employers who provide additional training or development lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce
  • 80% of Companies who invest in work place learning have reported a significant increase in employee retention
  • 77% of Employers believe training makes them more competitive
  • 76% of those Employers who invest additional learning & development agree they make their workplace more productive
  • 81% of Consumers favour using a company which invest in their workforce. 
  • L&D programmes allow training to take place with little disruption to business operations


05. Government Grants & Bursaries

Adult learners can apply for grants and bursaries to help pay for courses and training. 
Usually, you do not have to pay this money back. For most grants and bursaries you apply directly to the organisation that gives them out. 
They’ll have an application form and will be able to tell you if you qualify.
If you’re a parent, you might also be able to get help with childcare costs while you study.
Turn2Us provides information about education grants and has a grant search
Course-specific grants
The City & Guilds Foundation offers bursaries to people who study for a City & Guilds or ILM qualification.

06. Enhanced Learning Credits

What are ELCs?

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs) are used by the Ministry of Defence to sponsor their Armed Forces personnel to improve their education and, in particular, to support them through the move to civilian life.


What funding can I get?

There are two types of ELC funding available:


100% funding

You can receive funding for up to 360 credits of Open University module fees. This can be used towards a BA or BSc honours degree, or a foundation degree (240 credits).


To be eligible, you’ll need to be in the two-year resettlement period and not already have an undergraduate degree (including a foundation degree).


80% funding

Depending on how long you’ve been serving in the Armed Forces, you may be eligible for either the higher tier (up to £2000), or the lower tier (up to £1000) towards your module fees.


If you choose to study with the OU, we’ll receive payment towards the cost of your fees for up to three Ministry of Defence (MoD) financial years. The MoD pays for up to 80%, up to £2000/£1000 (depending on the tier), of your module fees. You’ll then pay the remainder of at least 20%.


For more information on studying with the OU as a member of the Armed Forces, visit the OU Forces website.


To check the full eligibility criteria and for more information on ELCs, visit the ELCAS website.



07. Advanced Learner Loan

You can apply for an Advanced Learner Loan to help with the costs of a course at a college or training provider in England.


Loan eligibility does not depend on your income and there are no credit checks.


What you’ll get

How much you get depends on:

    • the type of course
    • your course fees
    • the maximum loan available for your course


It only covers your course fees, not your living costs. The minimum loan you can get is £300 and it’s paid directly to your college or training provider.


A levels

You can apply for a loan to fund each course you take towards your A levels – up to a maximum of 4 A levels.


This means you can have up to 8 loans if you’re taking each A level as 2 separate courses. The courses must be in the same subject to qualify for a full A level. You can get 3 more loans for non A level courses either before or after your course of A levels.


Learn more about the Advanced Learner Loan


If you would like to apply for the Advanced Learner Loan, please click on this link to proceed.




08. Adult Education Budget (AEB)

It’s a government-funded programme that can be accessed by employers and individuals to fund a huge range of training. It’s a great resource for employers to upskill their workforce and support staff with their career progression. The problem is, not many people know about it.

What can the AEB be spent on?

The AEB can be used to fund training for all adults over the age of 19 for a wide range of qualifications. The process is reasonably straight-forward, but there are a few rules to follow: 

  • The funds can be used for anyone aged 19-23 to get a level 2 or 3 qualification if they don’t already have one. 
  • AEB can be used to fund low-waged learners aged over 24 to get their first level 2 or 3 qualification.
  • The AEB can be used to fund anyone who is unemployed for any course or qualification up to level 2. 
  • The AEB can be used to fund any low-waged individual, whose first language isn’t English, to improve their language skills up to level 2. 


09. Individual Training Account (ITA)

Individual Training Account (ITA) is to help you develop the skills you need for work. You can apply if you are looking for jobs or on a low paid work.


ITA pays you up to £200 if you’re doing an approved course. 


Who can apply

You can apply if you’re:


  • aged 16 or over
  • doing a part-time course
  • not in education or involved in any other funded programme
  • unemployed and looking to get back into work
  • employed and earning less than £22,000 per year
  • resident in Scotland


How to apply

Find a course: It is important to find a course by a provider which is approved to receive funding. Use My World of Work course finder.


You can register for ITA online at the My World of Work website.



10. Customised Payment

At Open Learning College our mission is to provide innovative, high-quality, accessible and affordable education to individuals around the world. We believe that education is the key to unlocking one’s full potential and we are committed to empowering our students to achieve their personal and professional goals.


We will consider any reasonable payment plan within a 12 month period.


Please propose what payment you can make today to start your enrolment and then your monthly payment and over what period (The total amount paid back over 12 months must be the same as the non-discounted course price). 

Please complete all of the required fields in this form and provide any other relevant or supporting information in the message box. 


We will review you request and respond within 24 hours.