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Privacy Policy & GDPR

Open Learning College prioritises the privacy and security of user data, adhering to stringent privacy policies to ensure confidentiality and trust in our online learning environment.

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General Privacy

01. General

All staff and students who work with personal data are responsible for complying with GDPR. The College will provide support and guidance but you do have a personal responsibility to comply.


From time to time you will be asked to tell us personal information about yourself (e.g. name and email address etc) in order to become a student or a client, to use College systems and services and so on. At the point of collecting the information we aim to clearly explain what it is going to be used for and who we may share it with. Unless required or permitted by law, we will always ask you before we use it for any other reason. We would only use it for marketing with your prior consent.


Any sensitive personal information will never be supplied to anyone outside the College without first obtaining your consent, unless required or permitted by law. We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including removing your personal information from our systems when it is no longer required and ensuring that all personal information supplied is held securely.


Whenever you provide such personal information, we will treat that information in accordance with this statement, current legislation. We also aim to meet current best practice.


Individuals whose personal information the College holds have certain rights under the law. More information can be found on the Information Commissioners website https://ico.org.uk/


02. What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 are legislation which replaced the 1998 Data Protection Act and EU GDPR following the UK leaving the EEA. All organisations, including the College, have to become compliant with it and by association our staff / students must adhere to them as part of their ongoing activities within the College
The Data Protection Act 2018 came into force and replaced the Data Protection Act 1998 on 23 May 2018. For most organisations, the GDPR is the law to turn to first. However, the Data Protection Act 2018 supplies a lot of the detail about how privacy law will apply to the UK specifically and particular sectors / types of activity.

GDPR only relates to the processing of personal data and has been put into place with the aims of:


  • Unifying data privacy laws with the EU following the UK leaving the EEA
  • Formalising principles of data collection and retention
  • Improving the protection of citizens and their data, with new considerations given to technological advances made since the 1998 Data Protection Act came into place

03. Enrolments

This section explains how the College uses the personal information that you give us during the enquiry, application and enrolment process.


How the College uses your information

The information will be used for purposes relating to education, training, employment, general advice services, well-being and research. The College may share non-sensitive personal information about you with other organisations, for example the Local Authority (see below), for these purposes. We do not share your information for purposes that are incompatible, such as product marketing without your consent.


Sensitive personal information you provide (eg. disability or ethnicity) may be used by the College for the purposes of equality of opportunity, support for your studies and to minimise risk. It may also be used anonymously for statistical purposes. The College will ask your permission before sharing sensitive information with other organisations, unless the sharing is permitted by law and necessary.


The legal basis for collecting the information

Most of the information on the form is collected because it is necessary for your enrolment as a student, to manage your progress on your course or is required by law. You must provide it in order to enrol at the College.


04. Parents, carers and guardians

Under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), young people aged 16 and over can decide for themselves and give consent for the processing of their personal information.


Parental consent is not required. There may be exceptions in regards of students with severe learning difficulties, school link students and those who are otherwise unable to decide for themselves.


The College has found that it is very beneficial to the young person’s progress as a student if the College is able to engage with the parents (or guardian/carer). Therefore it is very important that we have the parents’ details recorded on our systems.


When a student is in Further Education, parents/carers/guardians (or any other third party) are not automatically entitled to the student’s information. We can only release information about our students if we have their consent for this recorded on the College system. Students are asked for their consent for sharing information with parents/others on the enrolment form or when enrolling face-to-face. Students can also inform the College later on of who the College may discuss with about their College matters. Students may withdraw their consent the same way which they gave it.


In general, we can only share information if we have the person’s consent, or there is a particular piece of legislation or agreement allowing us to share it without consent.


05. Your Data Rights

You have 9 rights in relation to the data we hold. 


These are:

  • The right to see any data we keep on record
  • The right to request changes where errors exist
  • The right to request that something is removed from the records/data
  • The right to request that information is not used in any way other than originally intended
  • The right to have your data used by somebody else (transferred)
  • The right to object to data being used for marketing or other commercial purposes
  • The right for your data to be used for your education only
  • The right to complain about how the data has been gathered and used by the college
  • The right to compensation if damages have occurred as a result of our data handling.


06. Sharing Data with partners and agencies

The Open Learning College does not store your data outside the European Economic Area.


We will always to endeavour to tell you what we are doing with your data.  However, on occasion and unplanned we may be required to pass on data to other people / agencies. 


The circumstances in which we would likely do so, would include:

  • At the request of a court of law
  • Where we believe your child is at risk of harm
  • We are legally required to do so
  • At the request of police services in relation to a crime

We will always try to notify you when we have passed on data to somebody else.  However, it is likely that on occasion time-scales may limit our ability to do this.


07. Websites and Cookies

This section applies to anyone accessing College websites.


A cookie is a small file, typically of letters and numbers, downloaded on to your device (e.g. your PC) when you access the College website. Cookies allow the website to recognise your device and so distinguish between the different users that access the site.


Session cookies will remember your selections as you browse the site. These cookies are for the browsing session and not stored long term. No personal information is collected by these cookies.


Google Analytics cookies help us to make the website better for you by providing us with user statistics, for example: which pages are the most visited; how a user navigates the site. No personal information is collected by these cookies.


To find out more about cookies and what cookies might be stored on your device, visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org


During the course of your study you may be asked to use third party websites or services or access linked content (eg. Youtube) which may collect personal data about you. That site’s own privacy notice will explain to you how they use your data.


08. Data Protection Officer

If you have any questions about Data Protection at the College, please contact:


Data Protection Officer – click to email.


Data Protection
Open Learning College

London Campus

124 City Road




If you have a data protection concern that cannot or have not been resolved by the College, you have the right to raise it with the Information Commissioner’s Office.