Managing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Level 2 (QLS) Course
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Final Exam Overview

Please note you will have 15 – 20 questions to answers, they are taken from each module of the course and you will need to score 60% or above to pass and get your diploma.

(For notes and hints on how best to approach this exam click on the above Exercise File tab to read our guide on the “Best Approach to Exams”)

  • There is no time-limit 

  • There are only multiple choice or True or False answers

  • There is no limit on the number of resits, however if after 3 attempts you have not passed, we recommend speaking to your tutor for additional help.

Grading & How it Works

The UK has a unique higher education grading system. Its most unique feature compared to traditional grading systems is that it aims to be more specific in describing students’ academic achievement.

This type of assessment method is highly valued because it offers many advantages. Most importantly it highlights your academic strengths and specific skills, therefore, it helps employers gain a better understanding of your true potential.

Since it is proved to be such an efficient tool to assess students’ performance, many foreign countries like Canada, Australia and India are using the same grading system on some occasions with small changes to fit into their own local educational context.

We use a letter grade scale from A to F to indicate the students’ academic performance. If you get an A it means you have shown outstanding knowledge whereas if you get an F it means your score is not sufficient to pass the exam.

Listed below are the grades you can achieve and their definitions.

Ordering your Certificate

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